Sunday, December 17, 2006

Taddington Valley Community Group

Allan and Peter are pleased to have been involved with the Group since its inception.

This is a good example of how local residents can become influential in advancing the education of the public by preserving and promoting Taddington Valley, its woodland plants, wildlife, environmental sustainability and appropriate recreational facilities for the benefit of the community.

The group will be joining the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers and will benefit from their experience in promoting and enhancing the valley.

More members are needed to join the group to get a better understanding of what is required in the area to make the valley a safer and more pleasant place to go.

The group work closely with TMBC and the police with the aim of reducing anti social behaviour in the area and have seen a great reduction in the use of motor bikes in the valley.

If you would like to join the group please contact Liz Pool, c/o Roger Shapter, Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council, Gibson Building, Gibson Drive, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent, ME19 4LZ or e-mail or, of course, either of your Borough Councillors.

Blue Bell Hill North Access

This, the only exit from the village apart from Mill Lane/Warren Road (not to be recommended) is still as dangerous for the villagers as ever before.

Allan and Peter are not letting this matter go away. Various options are being studied by Kent Highway Services and Allan has been advised that the latest report concluded that there are possibilities to signalise the village exit without unduly creating additional delays on the gyratory system.

Kent Highway Services are to include an amount of money in the forthcoming budget proposals to progress this work further in the next financial year.

Commuter Parking

Extensive consultation has been carried out with residents effected by commuter parking, particularly in the Blue Bell Hill Village, Tunbury Avenue and Maidstone/ Hallsfield Road areas.

The proposed restrictive parking measures have received overwhelming support and the procedure for implementation is well underway.

The Council have agreed to remain flexible and will carefully monitor the level of parking after implementation to identify any need to extend the restrictions to ensure the parking controls are as effective as possible.

The cost, at less than 62p/day* to park in a secure car park is, by present day charges, a snip!
*based on 6 month season ticket

Fostington Way Traffic Calming

The pedestrian crossing and traffic calming measures are now in place improving the safety of pedestrians, particularly school children.

There is still concern at the speed of traffic travelling in Fostington Way.

Allan Sullivan and Peter Homewood have taken up this concern with Kent Highway Services and are pleased to say that after monitoring the traffic for speed and frequency KHS has accumulated compelling evidence to warrant police action. This matter is being progressed.

Refuse Collection

TMBC is currently rolling out an alternating refuse collection service across the Borough, which allows for the recycling of garden waste, kitchen waste and cardboard. There are some 30,000 properties already on this system (about 60%) and all eligible properties will be on this system by the end of 2007.

You may be interested to know that in the green waste areas TMBC is achieving a recycling level of about 45% which is the best performance in the country!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Tracey Crouch

Local councillor, Allan Sullivan, congratulates Tracey Crouch who has just been selected as Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Chatham & Aylesford constituency.

More details to follow.
Printed & promoted by A Kennedy on behalf of Blue Bell Hill & Walderslade Conservatives, all at 91 High Street, West Malling, Kent