Thursday, September 26, 2013

Previous Week's Planning Applications

522 Maidstone Road Chatham ME5 9QJ - Proposed two storey rear extension, side extension and internal alterations - Application Ref: 13/02650/FL dated 02/09/13.
437 Maidstone Road Chatham ME5 9RX - Insertion of two flat roof dormers to the front and rear roof elevations on the existing outbuilding to accommodate a play room in the loft space - Application Ref: 13/02666/FL dated 03/09/13.
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Medway Council's Masterplan for Rochester Airport

I am conscious that a number of residents are being given the impression that my Ward colleague (Peter Homewood) and I are in support of the possible development of Rochester Airport and ignoring the concerns of residents. This simply is not true. I have sought to explain our position in an exchange of emails and hope the following extracts from my responses help to clarify our position: -

"You clearly feel passionately about this matter and it is entirely appropriate for you to express your concerns over the proposals for the airport through the master planning process. However, as previously suggested the matters of detail, including those relating to potential impacts will only be picked up through the planning process when there is a specific proposal. I know you seem to have little confidence in the planning procedure but I can assure you that no development can take place until planning permission has been secured and as noted all of the issues you have highlighted will be addressed at that stage.
As and when a planning application is received this will be a duel application to TMBC and Medway Council since part of the airport falls within the borough boundary. Almost certainly Peter and I will be involved in the planning application process in our capacity as Members of the Area 3 Planning Committee and it is for this reason that we are required to maintain an open mind and not to pre-judge the situation. To do otherwise would prevent us from participating in the debate at Committee. 
This may be difficult for you to accept but I am afraid that is the system!"

"I am grateful for you seeing the importance of me not prejudicing my position as likewise I appreciate the stance you are taking as a concerned resident.
With regard to the last paragraph in your attachment I can only say in matters other than planning please feel free to call or email me at any time and I would do my very best to help. In matters relating to Planning there is nothing to stop me or other Members of the Planning Committee listening to residents concerns but my colleagues and I need to take great care about expressing any opinion that might be taken as an indication that we have already made up our minds on the issues before we have heard and examined all of the evidence and arguments at Committee. To do so would give rise to the very issues that you are concerned about, namely that members of the public perceive an application as a 'done deal'. The integrity of the planning process would be seriously undermined if this perception were to exist, and I can assure you that the submission of a planning application will be the start of the formal process for receiving and examining public views on this proposal. These will be fully considered by both Officers and Members before a decision is made."

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Previous Week's Planning Application

Land opposite The Upper Bell Inn Common Road Chatham - Change of use of land from pub car park to B8 (storage yard), erection of fencing and enlargement of access -  Application Ref: 13/02554/FL dated 28/08/13.
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Monday, September 02, 2013

Podkin Meadow Update

I am pleased to say with the help of  the legal team at Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council and their dialogue with Kent Police the Travellers left the site this afternoon. Thank you for your kind words expressing appreciation for what turned out to be a successful result.
Please remain vigilant and do not hesitate to contact me with any issues you think I may be able to help with.

Podkin Meadow and other local issues


On Friday evening a number of telephone calls were received advising that Travellers were in the process of entering Podkin Meadow at the junction of Warren Road and Mill Lane. The Police were alerted as were representatives of Aylesford Parish Council (the owner of Podkin Meadow). Nigel Tiller as your Parish Councillor and Roger Gledhill – Chairman, served a letter on behalf of Aylesford Parish Council, to each of the 16 Traveller families requiring them to leave the site within 24 hours.

We have since been informed by Kent Police that the travellers have indicated they intend to stay as long as they can. Nigel is leading on behalf of the owner and is keeping us informed. We will continue to urge the local authorities to act promptly to achieve a satisfactory outcome although it must be stressed these matters have a time-consuming legal process to go through.


The Planning Application for a Natural Burial Ground situated in land directly opposite 197 Common Road was scheduled to come before the Planning Committee on Thursday 29th August 2013. Twenty four hours previously the applicant withdrew the Application. Many local residents raised strong concerns and indeed the TMBC officers were recommending to Refuse Planning Permission. It is possible the application will be resubmitted in a different form and you will be kept informed should this occur.


It is understood that issues relating to the above are being considered by the legal teams of the local authorities.

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