Monday, October 19, 2009

Blue Bell Hill - North Exit

I have taken up the concerns of residents that some drivers have been jumping the signals. Kent Highways feel that that any jumping of these signals is much more likely to be a deliberate act and that additional signage would be ineffectual. Kent Highways have agreed to continue to monitor the situation.

This Week's Planning Application

Tunbury School Tunbury Avenue - Erect flagpole to the left of the school offices within the school grounds - 15ft high to fly the school's Eco-schools Green Flag - Application Ref: 09/02335/AT dated 05/10/09.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Previous Week's Planning Applications

12 Woodbury Road Chatham ME5 9HS - Single storey side extension - Application Ref: 09/02355/FL dated 15/09/09.
36 Tunbury Avenue Chatham ME5 9FB - Two storey rear extension and internal alterations - Application Ref: 09/02349/FL dated 16/09/09.
14 Mill Lane Blue Bell Hill Chatham ME5 9RB - Single storey pitched roof extension - Application Ref: 09/02374/FL dated 18/09/09.
For further information make a note of the Application Reference and click here.
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