Sunday, February 18, 2007

Commuter Car Park - More Good News!

The restrictive parking measures recently implemented in local roads to deter commuter car parking is working! In just a week or two the number of vehicles using the designated Car Park at Blue Bell Hill has increased by an incredible 80%.

Appeal Dismissed

Planning Application ref: 06/00926/OA for outline planning permission for 15 dwellings and garages on land at 205 and 209 and the rear of 213 to 217 Robin Hood Lane Blue Bell Hill was refused by T&MBC. An appeal against refusal was made and has subsequently been dismissed by an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Planning Applications Prior to Current Week

169 Robin Hood Lane Chatham Kent ME5 9NJ - Details of refuse storage submitted pursuant to condition 5 of planning permission TM/05/03010/FL. Application Ref: 07/00615/RD dated 23/02/07

44 Sadlers Close Chatham Kent ME5 9RR - Coppice 3 Sweet Chestnut trees and remove a Silver Birch (TPO 12-02-18) Application Ref: 07/00680/TPOC dated 27/02/07

The Haven 34 Tunbury Avenue Chatham Kent ME5 9EJ - Conservatory. Application Ref:06/03902/FL dated 14/02/07

14 Thorn Close Chatham Kent ME5 9RW - Two storey front extension. Application Ref:07/00462/FL dated 19/02/07

30 Walsham Road Chatham Kent ME5 9HX - Rear Conservatory. Application Ref:07/00483/FL dated 12/02/07

North Downs Lodge Vincent Road Kits Coty Kent - Rear Conservatory. Application Ref:07/00496/FL dated 12/02/07

Former 501 Maidstone Road Chatham Kent ME5 9QJ - Remove ivy, take down to ground level 3 dead Cherry trees, coppice 14 Hornbeam trees, 1 Ash tree and 2 Hazel trees, remove 1 Hawthorn tree and prune 1 Field Maple by 20% and 3 Oak trees by 25% covered by TPO Walderslade No.1 1984 (ref. 12-02-56) Application Ref:07/00396/TPOC dated 06/02/07

11 Catkin Close Chatham Kent ME5 9HP - Lift crown to 1 Oak and assess damage to 2 branches with a view to removal if necessary (TPO ref. 12-2-18) Application Ref:07/00415/TPOC dated 07/02/07

For further information make a note of the application ref. and click here

Friday, February 09, 2007

Commuter Parking Restrictions Working Already!

After much hard work and considerable patience on behalf of the residents Allan & Peter are receiving some very satisfying comments...

From Tunbury Avenue Resident:
"It is a sheer delight to all of us to see the Avenue relatively free of vehicles"

From Laurie Gray Resident:
"It is nice and quiet in the mornings with no doors banging and alarms setting and much easier to get in and out of Laurie Gray"

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Cost of Fly Tipping

A lorry load of household building waste was dumped on North Downs Way above Wouldham, spoiling one of the most beautiful walks in the county.
A local Conservative Councillor reported this to T&MBC on Sunday last week.

Now the good news:
This is the same site on Tuesday morning!
Thank you to the T&MBC Officers and Contractors who sorted the mess out. Hopefully the healing hand of nature will complete the job and the North Downs Way will look stunning again before too long.

What it cost us:
This clean-up operation cost local Council Tax payers about £200. Each year, in T&MBC area, about £50,000 is spent to clear up fly-tipping and dumped rubbish - money that could be used to reduce Council Tax or provide additional services and facilities.

How to help:
Please help by reporting any fly-tipping to T&MBC on 01732 844522. alternatively, you can report "on-line" by clicking HERE and completing the simple report form. Thank you.
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