Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Planning Issues

The application for the erection of 2 new private dwellings on the site of the Upper Bell Inn 1 Chatham Road Aylesford has been Refused.
The application for a garage conversion to reception room at 6 Walsham Road Chatham has been Refused.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Previous Week's Planning Applications

Blue Bell Hill House 125 Warren Road Chatham Kent ME5 9RD - Replacement of field storage building Application Ref: 07/01825/FL dated 12/06/07.

474 Maidstone Road Chatham Kent ME5 9QJ - Details of finished floor levels Application Ref: 07/01998/RD and details of landscaping, drainage & refuse storage Application Ref: 07/02066/RD pursuant to planning permission 06/02750/FL.

49 Victoria Road Walderslade Chatham Kent ME5 9HB - Loft conversion and first floor extension Application Ref: 07/02008/FL dated 12/06/07.

1 Oaks Dene Chatham Kent ME5 9HN - Reduce 4 no. trees adjacent to footpath by 25% covered by TPO No.1, 1969 (ref.12-02-18) Application Ref: 07/02032/TPOC dated 12/06/07.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Previous Week's Planning Applications

89 Woodbury Road Chatham Kent ME5 9HT - Details of design, external appearance and landscaping submitted pursuant to planning permission 06/00158/OA: Outline application for one new dwelling. Application Ref: 07/01183/RM dated 29/05/07.

59 Hallsfield Road Chatham Kent ME5 9RS - Extension to bungalow to form two storey dwelling with integral garage - Application Ref: 07/01592/FL dated 29/05/07.

151A Robin Hood Lane Chatham Kent ME5 9NL - Single storey rear extension - Application Ref: 07/01618/FL dated 30/05/07.

5 Falfland Place Chatham Kent ME5 9HR - Construction of a new rear conservatory and two storey side extension to rebuild garage and form new bedroom - Application Ref: 07/01819/FL dated 24/05/07.

308 Robin Hood Lane Chatham Kent ME5 9QR - Reduce canopy of two Oak trees by 20% - Application Ref: 07/01886/TPOC.

BBC Transmission Station Warren Road Chatham Kent ME5 9RE - Installation of 1 x ground based 1.2m satellite dish and a vent cowl - Application Ref: 07/01909/FL dated 01/06/07.

56 York Avenue Chatham Kent ME5 9EP - Two Oak trees - remove ivy from one, lower branches to be removed up to 5-6 metres from ground - Application Ref: 07/01927/TPOC dated 04/06/07.
For further information (not trees) make a note of the application ref. and click here

Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Blue Planet Live in Tonbridge!

This is a spectacular you just can't miss - 26th August
For more information click here

Previous Week's Planning Applications

20 Forest Drive Chatham Kent ME5 9PD - Two storey side extention, Application Ref: 07/01788/FL dated 22/05/07.

Tunbury CP School Tunbury Avenue Chatham Kent ME5 9EH - Pitched roof extension to form new main entrance and school administration offices (KCC ref: TM/07?TEMP/0017) Application Ref: 07/01771/CR3 dated 02/05/07.

7 Hawthorns Chatham Kent ME5 9DS - Reduce crowns of 2no. Hornbeams by 20% and clear garage of adjoining property covered by Tree Preservation Order No 1,1969 (ref. 12-02-18) Application Ref: 07/01638/TPOC dated 10/05/07.

21 Oaks Dene Chatham Kent ME5 9HN - Cut back one Oak tree Application Ref: 07/01639/TPOC dated 10/05/07.
For further information make a note of the application ref. and click here
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